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WSH Bulletin is a free electronic newsletter published by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council. Emailed to subscribers 2 to 3 times weekly, the WSH Bulletin keeps WSH professionals and interested stakeholders updated on local and international WSH-related matters and developments.


As a subscriber to the WSH Bulletin, you will receive emails alerts on the following:

WSH Alerts: The Alerts keep readers informed of recent WSH incidents and highlight learning points, and provide recommendations on how similar incidents can be averted.

Safety and Health: The Safety and Health articles generate awareness on a range of relevant safety and health issues and topics, such as occupational health and diseases, the handling of industrial chemicals and sharing of best WSH practices.

Announcements: The Announcements feature updates on events and programmes organised by the WSH Council and our partners. They would also keep readers updated on recent WSH-related news and developments, including the roll-out of new laws and regulations, guidelines, advisories and Codes of Practices.

OwLinks: A monthly e-newsletter brought to you by the WSH Institute to enable leaders and professionals to keep abreast of the latest WSH developments and trends from around the world.

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